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Scooter Assembly instructions

All steps are specified in video. Please refer to video for correct installation and bolts required for each     step.

1.) Cut straps off crate.

2.) Disassemble crate.

3.) Cut any wires holding bike and remove bike from crate.

4.) Pop seat and remove bolts bag covers and battery.

5.) Attach vin cover and carb cover.

6.) Attach bracket with voltage regulator and horn.

7.) Check that the fuse is in place.

8.) Install handle bar assembly using steering stem bolt (use red lock tight).

9.) Install front brake caliper.

10.) Install front wheel(make sure that brake pads are spread apart for rotor to fit, make sure spacer is on     the     correct side and that the speed sensor is positioned correctly).

11.) Install rear shock and muffler brackets.

12.) Install headlight assembly (make sure to connect the headlight).

13.) Install rear foot pegs over floorboard cover.

14.) Install mirrors.

15.) Fill battery with fluid and install battery (wear gloves for safety).

16.) Check rear brake for proper adjustment.

17.) Check front brake.

18.) Change oil (use 10w30).

19.) Fill with gas and turn bike on. Check that all lights are working properly and speedometer is working properly.

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