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  • Q1: What do I need to do if my bike has been sitting in storage for a while?

    Drain all fluids that come with the bike. Brake fluid, engine fluid, coolant on the 300cc, and gear oil only in the bikes with reverse on the gear box. *Use 10W30 or 10W40 SYNTHETIC*. The fluids have been sitting for a while in the warehouse and dust sets in which can mess up the engine. Also if you have not started your bike in a while, the fluid gets gunked up and dried. If the bike has been sitting, drain gas out of carburetor bowl. That will prevent problems with trying to start and will help your carburetor last longer.

  • Q2: What type of oil to put in the engine?

    10W40 or 10W30 Synthetic.

  • Q3: What does 4 Stroke ENGINE mean?

    2 stroke means you have to manually mix oil with the gas you put in your vehicle. 4 stroke means all you need to do is to pull up the pump and add gas to go. No mixing of oil and gas at all. We have more advanced longer lasting engines that need less maintenance in turn less costly to maintain.

  • Q4: Is it safe for my children to ride on these items?

    Children should be closely monitored and supervised by an adult at all times. Children should always wear protective gear such as helmets, knee and elbow pads while riding.

  • Q5: What type of gas or oil is used in your motorcycles?

    For all four stroke motorcycles selling on our website. For gas, please use regular unleaded gas; for engine oil, please use 1030 motor oil, for gear oil please use 8090.

  • Q6: Do you have parts for your products in stock? How and where do I get parts for your products?

    We stock all kinds of parts of our vehicle. Please contact us if you need parts and we will send them to you as soon as possible. Under warranty it's completely free to get replacement parts when broken. Out of warranty you can get replacement parts at very low cost.

  • Q7: What kind of warranty do you offer?

    We offer free standard warranty and extended warranty:
    For Standard:
      Free 1 Year Engine and Frame Warranty ($100 Value)
      Free 3 Months Parts Warranty ($50 Value)
    For Extended:
      6 month extended parts warranty (add $60-$400)
      1 year extended parts warranty (add $100-$500)
    See our warranty policy for more details.

  • Q8: Is your product fully assembled? How much assembling do I need to do?

    Some are fully assembled and just need the battery installed, and some may need further assembly. The units that are 90% assembled are marked on our website. Generally, the only assembly you will need to do is...
    1.) Bolt the wheels and calipers on.
    2.) Bolt the handle bars down.
    3.) Fully fill and charge the battery for 24 hours prior to installing in the unit.
    4.) Fill the unit with gas and start the unit.

  • Q9: Do your products come with manual?

    Yes. The manual will be put together with the package.

  • Q10: Do your bikes come with certificate of origin or MSO?

    No. The MSO is mailed out separately after the unit is received ( only on-road units will be sent the documents automatically ).