Adjustable Hover Kart for Balance Scooter


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Adjustable Hover Kart Universal for 6.5'', 8'', 10'' balance scooter accessories. Excellent design with a seat for your balance scooter. Great control allows a fast ride.

The balance scooters in the pictures are for demonstration only. Balance scooters will be sold separately. 

How to use:

To forward: double push.

To Back: double push back.

To Left: right forward.

To Right turn: left forward.

Max Sizes: 35x24x16 inches

Min sizes: 31x24x12 inches

Adjustable distance for Length: 4 inches

Adjustable distance for height: 4 inches

Max load: 200 lbs

User age: 13 years old

Carton sizes:  21x17x7 inches

G.W: 15 lbs

N.W: 13 lbs