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Icebear Champion 125cc Street Bike


125cc 4 Speeds Semi-automatic, Air Cooled, Front Disc Brake/Rear Drum Brakes, 10" Wheels, Turn Signal/Honk/Reflectors equipped.

Default package assembly required:Handlebars, mirrors, headlight, front wheel, front fender, shift lever, battery

Model No.: PBZ125-2

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If you are itching for a bike with a little muscle, then a ride on the Falcon is your answer. This powerful engine, 125cc provides not only power, but extra performance for any riding surface. There are adjustable handle bars and top-notch breaking that makes this one durable 2-wheeler for traveling to any destination. Don’t forget the upgraded shocks and electric kickstart for extra safety!



1. Based on the vehicles' nature and intended use, it is strongly recommended that assembly and PDI be performed by trained, licensed mechanics. 
2. All units, including those which have been fully assembled, are subject to unforeseen conditions during transit. All units must be inspected prior to initial operation in order to prevent unnecessary damage and ensure a good riding experience.

Due to excessive delivery rates to certain areas in the states of East Coast, HI, and AK, a freight charge may be required. Please call in for a quote.

Why Buy a Street bike?

Street bikes are fun, easy to ride and inexpensive to operate. It is a good choice for outdoor entertainment.

All our street bikes are supplied with four stroke engines. With four stroke machines you can use unleaded petrol, have better fuel economy and lower overall emission levels. When riding on our street bikes you can easily maneuver through any situation.

When driving a street bike, you should take proper safety precautions. As a responsible rider, you must keep injuries and equipment damage to a minimum by wearing proper riding gear. Please strictly abide by traffic law and guarantee your safety.

How To Assemble

Assembly Manual


Tools needed for assembly 

1. Knife or scissors

2. Wire/side cutter

3. Ratchet

4. 10mm socket

5. 12mm socket 

6. 14mm socket 

7. 17mm socket

8. 10mm wrench 

9. 12mm wrench

10. 14mm wrench 

11. 17mm wrench 

12. 12mm wrench 

Supplies needed for assembly 

1.Wheel bearing grease

2.Loctite (Blue)


A team of two people is recommended for parts of this job. Having a team of two is also helpful to double check each other's work ensuring that the vehicle is assembled correctly and is safe to drive.

Step One:
1. Cut straps (Knife/ scissors)
2. Remove cardboard box from metal crate

Step Two:
1. Remove the front wheel and accessory box from the metal crate
2. Remove the 10 bolts connecting the legs of the metal crate to the bottom 
3. Carefully lift top of crate off and over bike (team lift)
4. Unwrap bike of all plastic coverings 
5. Cut all wire ties holding bike to metal crate, and all wire ties holding fenders to bike. (wire/side cutters)

Step Three:
1. Remove the front axle attached to metal crate Use 17mm for axle nut and 14mm for Axle

Step Four:
1. Remove bike from metal crate (team lift) place on center stand 
2.Open accessory box and check that all parts are there 

Included Parts (attached to metal crate and inside accessory box)
1. Front wheel 
2. Front axle spacer 
3. Front fender 
4. Mirrors
5. Battery 
6. Shift lever 
7. Rear luggage rack 
8. Hardware for front fender
9. Zip ties 
10. Owners manual 

Step five: (Front fender installation)
5. Align both sides of the front fender with the bolt holes on both sides of the front fender

Step Six:
Use the 4 10mm bolts and 4 flat washers found in the accessory box,  Add a drop of (loctite blue) to each bolt and attach the front fender using the aligned holes in step five 

Step Seven: 
Remove the plastic wedge found between the brake pads on the front brake caliper 

Step Eight:
Install the front axle wheel spacer on the front brake side of the wheel (Left)

Step Nine:
Align the speedometer drive gear tabs to the slots on the front wheel. (Add wheel bearing grease if necessary)

Step Ten:
Align front brake rotor between brake pads on front brake caliper 

Step Eleven:
1. Align the Speedometer drive gear slot with the locating pin on the front fork
2. Grease the front axle and insert through the forks and wheel.  (Use wheel bearing grease)

Step Twelve:
Tighten the front axle nut

Step Thirteen: 
1.Loosen and remove speedometer cable from speedometer drive gear.
2.Re-route cable through the cable guide
3 Re-install speedometer cable

Step Fourteen:
1. Locate turn signal into turn signal brackets 
2. Thread turn signal nuts onto turn signals then tighten with 14mm wrench 

Step Fifteen:
1. Loosen handlebar knobs 
2. Lift handlebar into place aligning the tabs to the slots
3. Tighten knobs by hand

Step Sixteen:
Insert mirror into holes on handlebar controls rotate until hand tight then adjust locking nut,tighten down with 14mm wrench 

Step Seventeen: 
1. Remove pinch bolt from shift lever (10mm socket) 
2. Install shift lever onto splined shift shaft align pinch bolt hole with groove on shaft (Located on left of engine)
3. Install and tighten pinch bolt (10mm socket)

Step Eighteen: 
1. Check battery to make sure it's fully charged. (if not fully charged place on a trickle charger until fully charged to 12.7volts ) 
2. Insert battery into battery tray (Located under seat)
3. Install rectangle battery nuts into battery terminals
4. Install positive battery cable first (red +) tighten down battery screws (10mm socket or Phillips screwdriver) 
5. Install Negative battery cable (Black -) (10mm socket or Phillips screwdriver) 
6. Slide rubber boots over battery terminals
7. Install rubber battery strap (Hooks onto battery tray  

Step Nineteen:
1. Remove bolts for rear luggage rack 
2. Remove rear shock upper nuts
3. Install slotted part of rear rack onto rear shock upper studs
4. Re-install rear shock upper nuts, tighten nutts with (14mm socket or wrench)
5. Re-install rear luggage rack bolts, tighten bolts with (12mm socket or wrench)

Step Twenty:
1. Insert the rear turn signal wire through the hole in the rear fender 
2. Connect turn signal wires as shown 
3. install rubber boot over wire connections (use supplied zip ties to secure boot and wires)

Assembly complete! 
Remember to Read the owners manual for proper engine break-in. 
Be sure to check critical fasteners on a regular basis and change oil after the first 300 miles 

Top Features
  • Speedometer


    You can easily and clearly view the speedometer, turning signals, fuel gauge and battery gauge. All those parameter panels assit a more efficient ride.
  • Powerful Engine

    Powerful Engine

    This powerful engine ensures excellent throttle response across a wide range of riding conditions.
  • Wheels


    With such a cool consistent rigidity and balance, these sharp-looking aluminum wheels work with the new forks, for better strengthes, the enhanced suspension feedback delivers real handling improvements.
  • Brakes


    These brakes provide powerful, precise braking. New front disc increases stopping power while minimizing unsprung weight for improved turning and handling.
  • Rear Shock

    Rear Shock

    Better precise suspension performance, especially over smaller surface irregularities.
  • Kick Starter

    Kick Starter

    This motorcycle comes with both electric and kick starting system that makes it simple to start up, even for first time riders. If you somehow get into trouble though, then it is always great to have a reliable back up kick start method.
  • Enhanced Taillight

    Enhanced Taillight

    Enhanced large bright taillight with turn signals in great visibility.
  • Durable Seating

    Durable Seating

    Enjoyable ride resting on the very comfortably padded seat.
Engine Type Single Cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement 125cc
Bore and Stroke 2.06 inches x 2.24 inches
Horsepower 8.45 hp
Ignition CDI
Battery 12V/4Ah
Starter Electric / Kick
Cooling Air Cooled
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Make of Engine LONCIN
Drive Train
Transmission Semi-automatic 4-speed
Drive System Chain
Chassis / Suspension / Brakes
Frame Steel
Front Suspension Dual Forks
Rear Suspension Dual Shocks
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Front Tire 3.50-10
Rear Tire 3.50-10
Dimensions / Capacities
Length 65 inches
Width 22.6 inches
Height 39 inches
Wheelbase 41.8 inches
Seat Height 29.1 inches
Ground Clearance 4.9 inches
Net Weight 154 lbs
Gross Weight 220 lbs
Weight Capacity 198.4 lbs
Fuel Capacity 0.9 gal
Fuel Economy 131.5
Engine Oil Capacity 1.35 gal
EPA Approved Yes
Assembly Required Handlebars, mirrors, headlight, front wheel, front fender, shift lever, battery
Accessories Instruction, Electrolyte, Short Wire Clip, Reflection Mirror, M6 Flat Gasket, M6 Bolt
Restrictions This model is not for sale in CA

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Receipt Instruction

1.Before the delivery driver arrives, have a smart phone or camera (preferably digital) ready.


a.After the delivery driver arrives and unloads your box, but before the delivery driver leaves, open the box and inspect the condition of the unit carefully and note any and all damages.

b.The delivery driver can voluntarily stay there for 15 minutes if time permits but is not required to. If the delivery driver is attempting to leave before you can inspect your unit; please note on your delivery slip," Possible hidden damage. Driver did not allow time to inspect."

c.Do not take any advice from the delivery driver in regards to your shipment.

d.If there are minor damages to your unit, please notate the damages on the delivery slip (driver's copy as well as your copy). We will be able to send you replacement parts free of charge. If there is no notation of damage on the delivery slip (driver's copy), in most cases you will be responsible of cost of replacement parts and freight. (See more details on Concealed Damages)


If the merchandise is damaged beyond repair, please call usimmediately.You will need to follow the steps to get a replacement unit:

a.Take pictures of damaged unit

b.Notate on the delivery slip that shipment is refused due to shipping damage.

c.You will have the option of getting a replacement unit or a full refund, once all documents are received.

Shipping Information

Processing time

It takes approximately 24 to 72 business hours to process and ship your order once it is confirmed and the payment received. Orders received on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as orders received after 1pm on weekdays, will be processed the next business day. We don’t ship on Saturday, Sunday or national Holidays. During busy seasons, it may take up to 5 business days to process your order due to high volume of orders. If you choose fully assembly service, it can take an additional 3 business days to 1 weeks to prepare your order for shipping. (It varies by models .)

Shipping transit time

Please refer to the shipping map for delivery time frame by shipping carrier. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any incidents associated with the shipping company or unexpected events, weather that may cause delivery delays. This map is showing the approximate transit time for most of the shipping carrier.

Shipping Area

We ship to 48 continental states in USA. We can also ship to Alaska and Hawaii although transit time and rates may vary. Customer will need to call in for details.

Motorcycle 85% Factory Assembled Package

The Motorcycle 85% factory assembled package comes with partially assembled. It will be required to assemble some bolt-on items such as:

Front Wheels; Front Brake, Handlebar Clamps and Battery.

Assembly for MOST Motorcycles includes: Front wheel, front brake, fender, handle bars, mirrors, windshield, and trunk are some parts that will need to be assembled. Battery will also need to be charged. Manufacturer shipping engine oil must be changed. (May differ per model)

The factory 85% factory assembled package also requires some adjustment before riding such as: Carburetor idle adjustment, Chain tension adjustment. (Every model might be slightly different, please use this information as a guideline).

**Please note all factory 85% factory assembled package's quality check are done by factory. (Proper adjustment is require before riding, licensed mechanic is recommended)

Full assembly & PDI (Post Delivery Inspection) service is available now.

Fully assembly package service included:

PRO Motorcycle Fully Assembled Package (Recommend)

The exclusive motorcycle fully assembled Package is done by our dedicated professional assembly teams. In order to ensure quality of each motorcycle assemble, our team will perform assembly for you.

Save time and money with assembly, for a local mechanic will charge you over $200 labor charge, or you planned to assembly by yourself, we will save your time and difficulties.

Below is a demonstration for 85% assembled & fully assembled units from our warehouse:

PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection Service) included:

1. Change Oil to recommended 10w30 or 10w40 depending on location.

2. Check all fluids

3. Check head lights

4. Check brake light

5. Check chain/ belt tension

6. Check brakes

7. Check throttle

8. Check all cables, hoses and wires for kinks

9. Check for correct Battery setup and charge

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Some of the machines are listed with different top speeds, as the bikes are sometimes tested under different conditions. A realistic top speed for a 125cc would be 40 mph.
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Thanks! Up to 120 mpg.
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