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Can the Tao Tao be registered in Pennsylvania? Do you know why the Hawk cannot be registered in Pa? The Hawk was the bike i have been looking at and almost bought it but saw where ot cannot be registered.
Jill L Dickhoff April 15,2021

Yes, this TaoTao model can be registered in PA. Different states have different laws, so we recommend you to confirm why the Hawk cannot be registered
Sandy ZHOU April 20,2021        useful(3534)


Taotao TBR7 229cc On Road Motorcycle


229cc Street Legal Motorcycle, 5 Speed Manual w/Clutch, Front Disc Brake, Front/Rear 19"/17" DOT Tires, Seat Height 34 inches, Top Speed 55 mph, Weight Capacity 400 lbs. Max Speed 55 mph.

Model No.:TBR7

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