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Will this fit a 6 ft 15 year old
Anita Parks June 8,2021

We are afraid this is too big for a 15 year old. You can have a look at this one:https://www.megamotormadness.com/product/60cc-dirt-bike-dir093
Sandy ZHOU June 10,2021        useful(4009)


SYXMOTO Whip 125cc Dirt Bike For Adults 4 Speed Manual Clutch, N1234 (4-Up) Start In N Gear, Kick Start, Front/Rear 17


4 Speed Manual Clutch, Powerful YX 125cc Engine, Kick Start, Front/Rear Disc Brakes, Front/Rear 17"/14'' Aluminum Big Wheels, Seamless Tubing Frame, Seat Height 33".

Model No.:PAD125-3

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