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this unit is automatic do you still have to manually shift with no clutch or does it shift through gears on its own? and will this quade be suitable for an 8 year old boy
Ralph Prunella May 9,2013

on this unit you only shift foward and reverse. depending on how tall he is will determine if its suitable. he should be around 5'4, to 5'7 . other wise i would suggest a 110cc
MegaMotorMadness May 10,2013        useful(3855)

Black With Red Decal

Icebear SPARTAN8 125cc Kids Off Road ATV


Automatic w/Reverse, 19"/18" Tires, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Remote Engine Kill Switch, Speed Governor. This model is not for sale in California.

Model No.:PAH125-8E

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