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Will these scooters allow for a 350lb rider? Obviously it is ideal for a 200-220lb rider, but if someone is bigger can it account for that or is the suspension or anything else could fail? I know speed would suffer, but when you say the capacity is 220, I was curious if that's just to maintain the speed?
Andre October 3,2013

NO, I would recommend a 250cc or a 300cc scooter. The weight capacity for those units are between 400-500lbs.
MegaMotorMadness October 3,2013        useful(4036)

Matte Black

GEN I MADDOG 50cc Moped Scooter


Stretched, Low and Fat Design, Automatic Transmission, Front Disc/Rear Drum Brake, 12" Aluminum Wheels, Metallic Paint, Performance Muffler.

Model No.:PMZ50-19

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