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The first question I always see is how fast does it go, if you run these scooters full throttle, and fast all the time wont the engine fail sooner? I think people should realize that a 150 cc scooter should be driven primarily on surface streetsand at the posted speed limits, 25,35, and 45 mph, this would help to ensure that the pistons wont malfunction early and will save money in the long run, am I correct in my logic?
ScootinFool October 25,2013

Yes we agree 100%
MegaMotorMadness October 25,2013        useful(4039)

Metallic Brown

Icebear Mojo 150 PST150-9 150cc Trike


Automatic Transmission without Reverse, GY-6 Engine, Air Cooled, Differential Gears, Front /Rear Disc Brakes, Aluminum Wheels, Trunk Included, Tow-Hitch Included, Metallic Paint, Mid Size, U.S. Patented Trike. This model is not for sale in CA.

Model No.:PST150-9

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