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I am 16 years old and I was looking into purchasing this ATV. I was looking at the Q&A section and saw the question about the weight limit. I'm about 5'9"-5'11" and about 200 pounds. I'm not husky or fat, I just weigh more than most people my age because I work out about every other day and muscle weighs more than fat etc. Anyway, I was wondering if this made me per say, inelidgable to ride this or not. If so, which type of ATV would be appropriate for my weight?
Matt C. January 6,2014

We recommend a 150cc atv for your age.
MegaMotorMadness January 7,2014        useful(3852)

Red With Grey Decal

Icebear SPARTAN7 125cc Kids Off Road ATV


Automatic w/Reverse, Remote Control, 16" Tires, Air Cooled, Front Bumper, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Remote Engine Kill Switch, Speed Governor. This model is not for sale in California.

Model No.:PAH125-8S

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