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can i but a double carburetor on a monster ATV 125cc to make go faster.
Eddie April 1,2014

the Atvs we have have been design to work with a single Carb set up. I would imagen that to Mount dual Carbs Major modifications would need to be perform in order for the Engine to run right. A special intake would have to be Made a special dUAL THROTTLE CABLE would have to be made, a Throttle tube and or throttle tube housing . Then you will have to TUNE it. Depending on the amount of Fuel you will be running (jets) you would have to Port and polish the Heads install heavier valve Springs . All these Options and or Possibilities we do not offer here and will or would not be covered under any warranty. The answer would be NO you can not simply install dual carbs on a 125CC
MegaMotorMadness April 2,2014        useful(4038)

Red With Grey Decal

Icebear SPARTAN7 125cc Kids Off Road ATV


Automatic w/Reverse, Remote Control, 16" Tires, Air Cooled, Front Bumper, Front Drum/Rear Disc Brakes, Remote Engine Kill Switch, Speed Governor. This model is not for sale in California.

Model No.:PAH125-8S

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