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I weigh 375lbs and I really like the look of this Scooter. I know this is styled after the Ruckus or what not but, I'm not sure if a Ruckus can Support my weight. This Scooter looks a little more heavy duty than a Ruckus. Can this Scooter Support 350+lbs? Are there any scooter with similar styling that can support a Big Guy like myself?

JC May 13,2014

For someone your size we would recommend our 250cc scooters. The max speed is 70 mph and the weight capacity is 500lbs.
MegaMotorMadness May 16,2014        useful(3553)

Matte Black

GEN I MADDOG 150cc Moped Scooter


Order before Dec. 10th to ensure your orders arrive on time

Automatic Transmission, Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes, 12" Wheels. This model is not for sale in CA.

Model No.:PMZ150-19

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