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What is the difference between the MOJO Lceberg and the Daix Motor trike ?
LYNDON JAMES March 9,2015

Mojo 150cc Trike is made by Icebear, U.S. patented, differential gear.
MegaMotorMadness March 10,2015        useful(4036)

Metallic Brown

Icebear Mojo 150 PST150-9 150cc Trike


Automatic Transmission without Reverse, GY-6 Engine, Air Cooled, Differential Gears, Front /Rear Disc Brakes, Aluminum Wheels, Trunk Included, Tow-Hitch Included, Metallic Paint, Mid Size, U.S. Patented Trike. This model is not for sale in CA.

Model No.:PST150-9

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