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  • Robert Kalkman


    April 28 , 2017

    I've had mine for 3 or 4 months now. I bought it from Mega Motor Madness. A Taotao model VIP, just like the one on this page. On balance, it's a pretty nice bike. Considering the low price it's a very good deal. It runs strong, yet quiet and it grips the road nicely. I've had quieter scooters and I've had noisier scooters. This one is mid-range. A few components feel just a bit less substantial than I'd like, but they don't seem terrible.

    I've had inexpensive Chinese scooters and I've had 'name brands' and can compare them somewhat. The main reason I write reviews is hoping to help those who are considering a scooter like this one, but have not actually had one. I insist that they are not 'complete junk' as some people say. Some componentry is less than stellar, but mostly okay. Some componentry is surprisingly nice.

    In most of the USA, anyway, the owner must, must, must be his own mechanic. You won't be able to find anyone to work on the bike for you. The good news there is that it's not hard to do. They're pretty simple. And parts are terrifically inexpensive. I have no reason to doubt Mega Motor Madness' intentions yet I don't even expect very much where warranty is concerned. At a very low price point like this I doubt if they can afford to take back a bike without a good reason. And I don't expect them to. Besides that, it would be a pain for the purchaser to even prepare the bike for return shipping. It wouldn't be worth it. Might as well fix it yourself.

    So, as long as you're prepared to be your own mechanic, this scooter is a bargain. Nice scoot. Fine price. And when you do need parts, they're inexpensive and easy to find.


Taotao Powermax 150 150cc Scooter Fully Automatic, Electric/Kick Start, 120/70-12 Tires


CVT Fully Automatic, Air Cooled, Front Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake, Rear Mechanical Drum Brake, Electric/Kick Start, Weight Capacity 350 lbs. 

Model No.:Powermax 150

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