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  • Jeffrey Muffi


    August 21 , 2018

    Oh i forgot to ad to my review, i live in Pennsylvania, and with the paper work i received from MMM i had no trouble getting the bike title and registration and plate, also insurance was easy and cheap, and also PA is a strict state when it comes to title work and all that fun stuff,WOW what a great bike


RPS Hawk Enduro 229cc Dirt Bike


Manual Clutch, 5 Speed, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Electric/Kick Start, Dual Brake Calipers, Front/Rear 21"/18" Wheels, Seat Height 35.4 inches. This bike cannot be registered in PA, NY, NJ, CO, NV, CA, FL, OR, IA.

Model No.:HS250Y-A

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