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Callenger 150cc Scooter

After over 400 miles driven on my 150cc CHALLENGER, I can report in that this is an excellent ride. If you're considering ordering something, be patient. The paperwork gets sent separately so, as in my case, I had a bike but no way to register it. I wish they'd streamline that. It took a month from the day I called my credit card in to the day I got to ride. Resign yourself to 3 weeks or so, and you'll be less apt to drive yourself crazy.

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Callenger 150cc Scooter

I've been riding since the 60s, owned a lot of motorcycles and scooters and covered a lot of ground. Now I'm pushing 70 and arthritis is into my back, my elbows and aching my knuckles. I want to keep on riding, so I stepped down to what is fast becoming my favorite bike... a 150cc maxi scooter made in China by Jonway. It's ultra-light weight; it gets nearly 90 miles per gallon and it cost me only 1,400 dollars.
Most of the time, even riding the biggest bikes, we ride local. We run errands, do short day trips, just enjoy riding around……

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  • TRI010 150cc Trike

    dana herring

    November 19 , 2018

    I am excited to get my Icebear Trike. Just ordered it today but the transaction could not have been any more smoother. They have a very excellent staff.
    They were very easy to work with. I had a smaller Icebear Trike and I know what good machines they are. This will be my second IceBear Bike.
    I like the fact that how the website is layed out, and when i called them to order it, they gave me all the info that i would need.

  • SCO177 150cc Scooter

    Mark Cutsinger

    November 02 , 2018

    Great scooter fast runs great thank you by again soon

  • DIR064 250cc Motorcycle

    Jeffrey Muffi

    August 21 , 2018

    Oh i forgot to ad to my review, i live in Pennsylvania, and with the paper work i received from MMM i had no trouble getting the bike title and registration and plate, also insurance was easy and cheap, and also PA is a strict state when it comes to title work and all that fun stuff,WOW what a great bike

  • DIR064 250cc Motorcycle

    Jeffrey Muffi

    August 21 , 2018

    WOW, this is 1 awesome bike, im very happy with my Hawk, this is the 7th bike i purchased from MMM, what an amazing motorcycle, runs great, i switched the carb as soon as i got it, just a great bike and great value, never had any bike that shifted so smoothly

  • SCO027 150cc Scooter

    Daniel Bowlin

    August 05 , 2018

    I purchased the Ice Bear Bullet 150 and if I could give MMM 10 stars I would. The entire process from beginning to end was flawless. I did do the lay-a-way program. It took me 3 months to pay it off. The service reps where very nice and helpful. I did get the full assembly and PDI and I highly recommend this. When I received it, it literally took me 10 minutes to unpack it and started it up and took it for a short ride. No damage to the scooter at all and is still running fine. I have 100 K on it and will be changing the oil soon. Everything was assembled and shipped quick and on time and I did received my paper work before I got the scooter. Very Cool.

    Highly Recommend MMM to Everyone.

  • SCO071 150cc Scooter

    Robert McPherson

    July 24 , 2018

    I looked at all the online scooter stores and MMM had the best price by far on the Ice bear hawk eye 150 scooter. Ordered on a Monday and the shipper called 3 days later for a delivery appointment. Despite narrow streets and utility work the driver still got the carton to my door. Production date was only 2 months earlier. I had ordered a scooter before from another site and it was built 3 years earlier! Came with the front disk brake installed so the front wheel install was easy. Good thing I watched many assembly videos because there were absolutely NO instructions. I immediately changed the oil and transmission fluids before starting. Check all the gas lines since mine was disconnected below the gas filter. Other pluses were a glass mat battery and speedo in MPH. The bill of sale and certificate of origin arrived 8 days after the order. Overall I am very satisfied. Thanks MMM.

  • DIR060 125cc Dirt Bike

    Will Hatfield

    July 20 , 2018

    these bike are great the frame is strong the suspension great compared to the others i've had n has plenty of power

  • SCO045 50cc Scooter

    Jeffery Farnham

    June 28 , 2018

    Scooter came today she is a pretty one only thing they need to pack better as was just a card board box wrapped around it top bottom wide open ..beside that sounds good when running will drive once insurance reg, and inspection is done . Also need to buy a helmet thanks again Mega motor .

  • SCO027 150cc Scooter

    Mark Reyes

    June 22 , 2018

    Received my Retro scooter today , excellent shipping ,few lil rub marks that should come out. I would of liked to had received all updates on scooter ( received from China, being built, waiting on shipping, ) seems like a lot but after sales is what is important to me, being in sales. Didn't get a title or Bill of Sale .
    She sure is pretty , Thanks Piute

  • SCO045 50cc Scooter

    norm webber

    May 25 , 2018

    Quick delivery, no hassle, easy to purchase.