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Callenger 150cc Scooter

After over 400 miles driven on my 150cc CHALLENGER, I can report in that this is an excellent ride. If you're considering ordering something, be patient. The paperwork gets sent separately so, as in my case, I had a bike but no way to register it. I wish they'd streamline that. It took a month from the day I called my credit card in to the day I got to ride. Resign yourself to 3 weeks or so, and you'll be less apt to drive yourself crazy.

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Callenger 150cc Scooter

I've been riding since the 60s, owned a lot of motorcycles and scooters and covered a lot of ground. Now I'm pushing 70 and arthritis is into my back, my elbows and aching my knuckles. I want to keep on riding, so I stepped down to what is fast becoming my favorite bike... a 150cc maxi scooter made in China by Jonway. It's ultra-light weight; it gets nearly 90 miles per gallon and it cost me only 1,400 dollars.
Most of the time, even riding the biggest bikes, we ride local. We run errands, do short day trips, just enjoy riding around……

by Lawrence Brown, Cape Cod Massachusetts View more>>

  • DIR089 250cc Motorcycle

    matthew wilson

    April 01 , 2021

    Awesome bike. Fast quick shipping. Very responsive company. Will purchase again!

  • SCO178 150cc Scooter

    Gilbert Holtzclaw

    November 30 , 2020

    I bought it last Mets and been loving every minute of it .this is time to order before because you need to assemble and to get the plates and everything. Mine does about 50 52 miles an hour all day long.

  • ATV139 110cc ATV - Black With Red Decal

    November 01 , 2020


  • SCO093 150cc Scooter

    November 01 , 2020


  • DIR080 50cc Dirt Bike

    Jordan Niednagel

    September 15 , 2020

    Love the bike! I find it just the right speed for my 10 and 11 year old. Not too fast, not too slow. Drives well on pavement, in the field, and on gravel roads. Thank you!

  • DIR080 50cc Dirt Bike

    Stephanie Tuggle

    September 15 , 2020

    We got this as a birthday present for my 10 year old and he LOVES it. Great size and speed for a first timer and easy to assemble!!!

  • DIR080 50cc Dirt Bike

    Jorge Avila

    September 14 , 2020

    Absolutely loved it! Best birthday gift for my daughter also loved it!! Thank you!!

  • DIR078 110cc Dirt Bike

    Roberto Alvarez

    August 25 , 2020

    Fantastic beginners dirt bike. Really nice graphics and design. Overall construction and quality of materials is pretty good for a chinese bike. California buyers beware, you will be given a "red tag" if you decide to register your dirt bike with the DMV. If you don't mind that, this is definitely the best bike you can get in that price range. Best bang for your buck.

  • DIR080 50cc Dirt Bike

    Jeanette Bitner

    August 03 , 2020

    My 7 year old Birthday Boy Loves It!!!.. Any inquiries about my order , Customer support got back to me ASAP... Thanks Mega Motor Madness!
    God Bless and Stay safe out there....

  • DIR080 50cc Dirt Bike

    Billy Mann

    June 19 , 2020

    Fast delivery nice bike all good my kid love's the bike no problem with it i will recamen this site to people i know thank you guys