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Callenger 150cc Scooter

After over 400 miles driven on my 150cc CHALLENGER, I can report in that this is an excellent ride. If you're considering ordering something, be patient. The paperwork gets sent separately so, as in my case, I had a bike but no way to register it. I wish they'd streamline that. It took a month from the day I called my credit card in to the day I got to ride. Resign yourself to 3 weeks or so, and you'll be less apt to drive yourself crazy.

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Callenger 150cc Scooter

I've been riding since the 60s, owned a lot of motorcycles and scooters and covered a lot of ground. Now I'm pushing 70 and arthritis is into my back, my elbows and aching my knuckles. I want to keep on riding, so I stepped down to what is fast becoming my favorite bike... a 150cc maxi scooter made in China by Jonway. It's ultra-light weight; it gets nearly 90 miles per gallon and it cost me only 1,400 dollars.
Most of the time, even riding the biggest bikes, we ride local. We run errands, do short day trips, just enjoy riding around……

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  • Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bikes semi automatic, engine, for adult

    Will Hatfield

    July 20 , 2018

    these bike are great the frame is strong the suspension great compared to the others i've had n has plenty of power

  • Icebear Rocket 50cc gas Moped Scooter Motorcycle for sale

    Jeffery Farnham

    June 28 , 2018

    Scooter came today she is a pretty one only thing they need to pack better as was just a card board box wrapped around it top bottom wide open ..beside that sounds good when running will drive once insurance reg, and inspection is done . Also need to buy a helmet thanks again Mega motor .

  • SCO027 150cc Scooter

    Mark Reyes

    June 22 , 2018

    Received my Retro scooter today , excellent shipping ,few lil rub marks that should come out. I would of liked to had received all updates on scooter ( received from China, being built, waiting on shipping, ) seems like a lot but after sales is what is important to me, being in sales. Didn't get a title or Bill of Sale .
    She sure is pretty , Thanks Piute

  • Icebear Rocket 50cc gas Moped Scooter Motorcycle for sale

    norm webber

    May 25 , 2018

    Quick delivery, no hassle, easy to purchase.

  • SCO142C 50cc Scooter

    Kurt Keeler

    May 25 , 2018

    On 15 May 2018 I placed an order online for an Icebear Maddog Gen IV scooter. The online ordering was simple and fast. The communication from MMM was detailed and prompt. On 24 May 2018 the scooter arrived at my house on a semi with a lift gate. The driver brought it into my garage, we did the paperwork and he hung around long enough for me to determine that there didn't appear to be any major damage or issues with the scooter. The shipping box was torn but everything was intact. We put it together, changed the oil, put in an AGM battery, and filled it with gas. After a LOT of cranking with the electric start the scooter finally fired up. We took it for a couple of short laps up and down the block and it ran fine. The scooter did smoke a LOT but we figured it was paint and assembly lubes and etc burning off. A few more laps and the smoking stopped. Everything seems to work fine. It even came with an NGK sparkplug. The MCO/MSO arrived in the mail later in the day. I will go see the insurance man and the license plate ladies tomorrow and then get it on the road. I am pleasantly surprised with how smoothly everything went. Mega Motor Madness did a great job on this sale and I would recommend them to friends and/or family. Thank you, Kurt

  • Taotao 50cc gas Moped Scooter, street legal, blue, green for sale

    edwin mirlas

    May 23 , 2018

    i cant believe how beautiful this moped is and fast and SUPER QUIET and all of my friends LOVE and thet want tpo buy one THE TAPTAO THUNDER #1 SCOOTER OUT THERE!!!!!!!! GET ONE or TWO

  • SCO093C 150cc Scooter

    jay med

    May 22 , 2018

    I'm very excited to say that this is an awesome scooter. The quality is super good .I wasn't too thank you all costumer service for the great service and the fast response when I had questions. I will tell my friends around me the website and recommend them to buy motors from your website. I think this order is good and I am super satisfied with the order. Thank you to all and keep up the great work . You guys take customer service To the next level

  • SCO077 50cc Scooter

    edwin mirlas

    May 16 , 2018

    I BOUGHT THE TAO TAO THUNDER 50 is a 4 cycle it came in a big box in well packed no issues or damages IN MATT BLACK WOW WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SCOOTER and the RIDE IS SMOOTH and is QUITE and fast i woULD BUY another ONE FOR MY SON when this SUMMER FOR GRADUATION GIFT GO THUNDER 50 :) 6 STARS

  • DIR073 125cc Dirt Bike

    Travess Funk

    March 22 , 2018

    This is really a cool motorcycle for my 13 year old son (Coolster XR125 semi-auto). Assembly was pretty easy, even with no instructions. Shipping was a very rough on the box, but I didn’t found any damage to the bike. As an avid motorcycle person, I did notice some things needed to be adjusted after assembly. The swing arm was loose so I tightened it, the chain was very tight, like fiddle tight......so I adjusted it and lubricated it. I removed the engine oil and replaced it as I was told to do. The bike started on the first kick and has done so ever since. We have only had it for a month, so far so good. Before I purchased it, I called Megamotormadness and had an actual conversation with them and felt good about purchasing and support (based on my conversation). So far I have not had to call them with support but feel confident they will help if needed.

  • Taotao DB10 110cc Dirt Bikes, automatic, engine bike, for youth

    Kenneth Jennings

    February 24 , 2018

    My 9 year old loves this little pit bike. It is overall well made just make sure that you check all the nuts and bolts after you have rode it for a but to ensure that nothing wiggle loose. We only had a few bolts that were loose but that should be expected when your riding through rough terrain.