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Unlike most companies that charge extra for a Pre Delivery Visual Inspection Your purchase from Mega Motor Madness comes with a FREE Pre Delivery Visual Inspection.

Which includes:

1. A visual inspection (check for physical damage on plastic body, frame, any possible damage etc.)

2. We reinforce any packaging if needed.

3. The unit is then placed onto a secure pallet by one of our experienced fork lift drivers.

4. Once the unit is secured on the pallet, the item gets placed safely into the truck.

5. Our driver then positions the unit in a secure spot inside the truck to prevent any damages.

6. We ONLY use first tier trucking company to deliver your unit, unlike other companies that might use 2nd or 3rd tier trucking company to save cost.




Below is a break down of exactly what happens to your unit before it ships.

*How do we ship 85% or 95% Assembled Unit?*

1.Your unit is carefully selected from our inventory department and handled by our experienced forklift driver's.

2.The unit is secured inside a metal crate specially designed for each model.

3. Extra straps and other package materials are utilized to ensure that the unit will arrive at your location safely.

*How do we ship Fully Assembled Unit?*

1. We placed the assembled unit on a secured pallet.

2. We strap the unit down to the pallet to make sure there will no movement during transportation.

3. We shrink wrap the unit so that the unit is completed protected.

4. We wrap the unit with cardboard as further protection. And we shrink wrap outside the cardboard and strap the entire package down to the pallet as a final step.

*How do we ship some selected Fully Assembled & PDI’d units?*(Check with rep see if your order qualifies for this packaging)

1. We ordered customized wooden crate to ship out your fully assembled units


2. We secure the unit inside the crate using straps in multiple locations.


3. The crate will be fully closed and extra shrink wrap will be used to further strengthen the crate.


4. We put various warning labels on the crate so that any trucking company who receives the freight will have instructions to handle your unit with extra care.