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Callenger 150cc Scooter

After over 400 miles driven on my 150cc CHALLENGER, I can report in that this is an excellent ride. If you're considering ordering something, be patient. The paperwork gets sent separately so, as in my case, I had a bike but no way to register it. I wish they'd streamline that. It took a month from the day I called my credit card in to the day I got to ride. Resign yourself to 3 weeks or so, and you'll be less apt to drive yourself crazy.

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Callenger 150cc Scooter

I've been riding since the 60s, owned a lot of motorcycles and scooters and covered a lot of ground. Now I'm pushing 70 and arthritis is into my back, my elbows and aching my knuckles. I want to keep on riding, so I stepped down to what is fast becoming my favorite bike... a 150cc maxi scooter made in China by Jonway. It's ultra-light weight; it gets nearly 90 miles per gallon and it cost me only 1,400 dollars.
Most of the time, even riding the biggest bikes, we ride local. We run errands, do short day trips, just enjoy riding around……

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  • Taotao 50cc gas Moped Scooter, CA legal, white, green for sale

    Robin Hogan

    December 20 , 2017

    I was very doubtful about this bike, But everything came perfect just a small crack on the plastic but fine over all. I thought this bike would be slow, but its very quick and responsive. The engine took a while to get started but that was expected the battery came almost fully charged so it made it super easy. This bike is one of my most favorites, Ive driven a honda ruckus and I prefer this bike over any other 50cc scooter! Thanks so much Megamotormadness for supplying me with such a nice quality bike!!

  • DIR038 125cc Dirt Bike

    Gage Meister

    December 07 , 2017

    I've had the bike for several days now and the bike is awesome so far. just be sure to use some lock tight. The only complaint that I would really have is really in the shipping but either way, in the end, it arrived in the allotted time in good condition, my swing arm was scratched from the front tire during shipping id imagine and a few other blemishes but overall, I'm happy with the bike.

  • SCO077 50cc Scooter

    Philip Salamone

    November 16 , 2017

    You guys are great! Communication and service so far has been exceptional. So satisfied with my order. This arrived just several days after I ordered it! It looks nicer in person than in picture. I am extremely pleased. This scooter is absolutely awesome! Love it! And I will purchase another scooter for myself. Thank you guys.

  • ATV010 125cc ATV

    Roger Charles

    November 16 , 2017

    I want to say thank you for getting wheeler together, everything seems solid and tight. Too often we hear the negative and just wanted to say thank you. I would like to recommend this vehicle to people around me. And I would purchase another scooter for myself from your website. Because it rides so well.

  • SCO071 150cc Scooter

    Daniel Chaplin

    November 13 , 2017

    Super fast shipping.... We love them! Fun fun fun! Filled the tank up with gas.... And meanwhile I like your company's best and fast service for customers. I think it's effective and helpful. Thanks a lot !! Next time I will purchase another scooter again from your website.

  • GKS047 125cc Go Kart

    Christopher Simmons

    November 13 , 2017

    This is definitely a great buy! My kids love it so much!

    We've had it for one year now and it still going perfectly.

    Thank you a lot and I really like your service. Thans again.

  • SCO071 150cc Scooter

    Jonathan Greenwood

    November 13 , 2017

    I'm very excited to say that this is an awesome scooter. I wasn't too thank you all for the great service and the fat response when I had questions. I will defenately recommend this website to others so that they could enjoy the same experience.Thank you so much and I will be buying another one soon for my wife.

  • DIR041 125cc Dirt Bike

    Kenneth Knight

    November 13 , 2017

    The product was above my expectation. There was no freight Damage when I opened Box.I would highly recommend doing business them. I would like to recommed them to my friends. Thanks a lot!!

  • ATV108 250cc ATV

    Jonathon Blanchard

    November 13 , 2017

    It's extremely well built, was easily assembled. It has a lot of power and rides solid. It came well packaged and all components were in a one condition. We put fuel in it, placed the charged up battery on and it fired up flawlessly. I got a real good deal. The gloves were nice too.This ATV is well worth what they are charging.

  • ATV002 110cc ATV

    Clarence Washington

    November 10 , 2017

    Great service! I have no complaints. We have had it for a couple of weeks and so far everything is great. Assembly wasn't bad. Only took a few hours. I like this vehicle and I like your company's best service!!