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Callenger 150cc Scooter

After over 400 miles driven on my 150cc CHALLENGER, I can report in that this is an excellent ride. If you're considering ordering something, be patient. The paperwork gets sent separately so, as in my case, I had a bike but no way to register it. I wish they'd streamline that. It took a month from the day I called my credit card in to the day I got to ride. Resign yourself to 3 weeks or so, and you'll be less apt to drive yourself crazy.

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Callenger 150cc Scooter

I've been riding since the 60s, owned a lot of motorcycles and scooters and covered a lot of ground. Now I'm pushing 70 and arthritis is into my back, my elbows and aching my knuckles. I want to keep on riding, so I stepped down to what is fast becoming my favorite bike... a 150cc maxi scooter made in China by Jonway. It's ultra-light weight; it gets nearly 90 miles per gallon and it cost me only 1,400 dollars.
Most of the time, even riding the biggest bikes, we ride local. We run errands, do short day trips, just enjoy riding around……

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  • ATV117 150cc ATV

    William Munoz

    November 10 , 2017

    Good Value. Better than expected. Great for riding around the yard or on trails. Build quality is good for the money. No complaints at all.
    Still no complaints. I like to ride the vehicle on road and I feel so good about it.

  • ATV002 110cc ATV

    Jeffrey Johnson

    November 08 , 2017

    The Icebear 110cc has been a great ride for my two kids, 6 and 8. I got this for my daughters 5th birthday and they love it! They have been able to ride it all around our woods. Very sturdy they have crashed it a couple times and no damage. I would recommend reinforcing them for anyone capable of doing so with their own skill. A great value for the price! I like the vehicle very much.

  • DIR041 125cc Dirt Bike

    John Davis

    November 08 , 2017

    I recently received a shipment of theQG-214FC 125cc Dirt Bike from you and so far I am super satisfied with your company :relaxed:. I did however expect to receive one pair of Free gloves, one pair of Free foam hand grips and one pair of Free goggles with the shipment. Please let me know if I need to get you any now information. I hope to do business with you again in the future :relaxed:, thank you very much. Thanks a lot.

  • SCO077 50cc Scooter

    Brian Jelks

    November 08 , 2017

    My scooter arrived in good condition with no scratches or dents. There was an issue with the factory wiring that my husband had to take quite some time figuring out. The scooter looks great, works great and gets 75 miles to the gallon! I love it and am very impressed by the price and value of the product. I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Taotao ATK-125A 110cc engine Go Karts, Semi Automatic, off-road, CA legal

    Brent Robbins

    November 08 , 2017

    It was priced very well. Shipping and packaging was great. The go-cart is well worth the price. Its great for my kids and me too. No problems so far. It's great!
    Fast shipping and packaged to withstand the shipping companies. Easy to finish assembly. My go-gart has been reliable. My kids drive it all the time. We live in the country and don't have a smooth yard. It takes the punishment and hasn't failed to start yet. and the suspension really works good.

  • TRI010 150cc Trike

    Glen Williamson

    October 31 , 2017

    I've had my Ice Bear 150 for about 3 months now. Love it!!! I hand never ridden before and was concerned about how long it would take to be comfortable with the trike. No learning involved just got on and rode. I'm 73 and if I can ride anybody can. The only problem is when I take it to the store people come up and ask about it some even wanting to take pictures. The staff at Mega Motor Sports has been great. Whenever I have called they have been really helpful.

    Glen in Arizona

  • ATV001 110cc ATV

    Allison Nielsen

    October 30 , 2017

    The Ice Bear Dyno has been a good starter ATV for my daughter. We got it in Purple Camo and its so cute. The price is right for the ATV.

  • DIR058 125cc Dirt Bike

    Dorian Galindo

    October 30 , 2017

    I purchased this Apollo dirt bike for my Godson and he enjoys it! Wish it was an electric start instead of kick start but was not able to make special request and have this added. Oh well. Great starter dirt bike.

  • Taotao Lancer 150cc gas Moped Scooter Motorcycle, blue for sale

    Yadira Thoms

    October 30 , 2017

    My husband and I purchased the Lancer 150cc scooters from Mega Motors. We bought it to go cruising down the coast. Customer service was such a big help in providing us with all the answers to the questions we asked.

  • SCO077 50cc Scooter

    Yolanda Freeman

    October 30 , 2017

    My maddog scooter finally came in! I ordered it on Monday and it's already here. Will be taking it to a mechanic so they can assemble the rest and do the inspection. I am so excited that it came so fast and with no damages!